Plasmamade Round Filter

£704 + VAT

The PlasmaMade air filter is a combination of 4 techniques. The self cleaning filters contains 4 types of filter in one casing.


220 x 200mm
Outlet Width: 150mm
Max m3/h: 1000
Lifetime: 10-15 years
Warranty: 5 years
PlasmaMade air filter
Fibreglass nanofilter electrically charged
Electrostatic filter
Carbon filter
AU-P-GUC-1214£640 ex VAT
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The filter has been specially developed to filter air (for example from cooking) and can be attached easily and quickly to almost any outlet nozzle of the engine of a cooker hood.

When the outlet nozzle is activated, the air current moves. Initially the grease filter of this nozzle will remove grease and other types of heavy pollution from the air. The air current is then blown into the PlasmaMade® Air Filter. This air current is detected by a sensor which automatically turns the filter on or off. Depending on the air current and the quantity of polluted air (smoke, pollen, bacteria, moisture, H2O, smells, viruses and mold), a quantity of ionisation plasma (O3) is injected. The ionised plasma (O3) removes O2 molecules from the polluted air, which means the air is essentially dissected, with only CO2 and Hydrogen (H) remaining. During this process, the fibreglass filter is activated by the electrostatic filter. Through this process of collaboration, all dust particles are attracted and eliminated. The minimal amount of smoke particles which is created in this way is then dissected by the ionised plasma (O3). Finally, all air is filtered one more time through the carbon filter.

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