Bach-Evo Countertop Extractor

From £846 + VAT

Designed to compliment the chosen induction hob, the Bach-Evo worktop extractor provides maximum performance and eliminates steam and odours with its high extraction rate. You can choose to duct externally or re-circulate.


Black Glass Finish
Touch Controls
Can be installed in a worktop aligned with the induction hob including island based or next to a wall.
Motor NameAirflow (m3/h)Pressure (Pa)Noise (dB)Power (W)Outlet WidthEnergy ClassFuse RatingWeight (kg)
AU-BACH-EVO-510£846 ex VAT
AU-BACH-EVO-520£846 ex VAT
Motor Options
AU-AMF10£591 ex VAT
AU-AMF13£633 ex VAT
Plasmamade Filter – Rectangular
AU-P-GUC-1314£790 ex VAT
Plinth Charcoal Filter Kit
Replacement Carbon Pellets
Optional Silent Kit
Technical Data
SKUFile NameDownload Text
AU-BACH-EVO-510BACH 510 EVO AMF10Download
AU-BACH-EVO-510BACH 510 EVO AMF13Download
AU-BACH-EVO-520BACH 520 EVO AMF10Download
AU-BACH-EVO-520BACH 520 EVO AMF13Download
Technical Sheets

How far away should the Bach extractors be from the hob?
No gap must be left.

What are carbon pellets for?
Carbon pellets are for use with a re-circulation kit.

Can you use the re-circulation kit with the silent kit?
Yes you can use both together, but the re-circulation kit takes up a lot of space, so place the motor which is approximately 150mm high under the plinth.

The Bach-Evo designer countertop extractor is the latest addition to the our stylish designer cooker hood range at Air Uno.

Air Uno Bach-Evo is the latest addition to our stylish downdraft range. Take pride in your kitchen with this designer extractor hood with a new filter system and removable liquid collection channel.

You have the option to vent externally using our Compair ducting system or re-circulate using our Charcoal Plinth Filter

The designer countertop extractor hood gives you maximum headspace and eliminates odours with its high extraction rate. This leaves you with a fresh cooking space. Designer countertop extractors can be installed in a worktop or next to a wall or even in an island. Counter top extractor hoods are popular as they create a minimalist look. Please note: The Video is for Demonstration purposes only and not an indication of the efficiency or performance. This depends on the size of room , whether its externally vented and taking into account the total run including bends or if the hood is being re-circulated.

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